About Myrtle Air Services


Myrtle Air Services, Inc., is located in Myrtle Beach.

Our Myrtle Beach facility offers the owners and operators of commercial jet, turbo-prop and corporate aircraft fleets a wide range of technical services including:

* Long-term and short-term commercial aircraft storage
* Fleet management
* Aircraft repair and maintenance
* Engine removals and installation
* Airframe disassembly and dismantling
* Records audits
* Interior Refurbishment
* Pre-buy inspections
* Consulting services
* Ferry services
* AFRA Certificate

Myrtle Air has a staff of approximately 20+ employees, including Management, Administration, Certified Airframe & Power plant Mechanics, Repairmen and Non-Certified Personnel.


* Other Storage Space For Rent.

* Warehouse storage; records, parts etc.
* Warehouse storage; engines and assemblies
* Exterior equipment or parts storage 
* Office space rental

Visit us @ www.MyrtleAir.com